At Bates Ortho, we understand that you/your child’s treatment can be financially stressful for most families. That’s why we’ve partnered with OrthoFi to offer customizable monthly payment plans that you can choose that work best with your budget. 

Once treatment has been recommended, your treatment coordinator will review the associated fee, how your insurance coverage applies, and will help you set up your customized payment plan using our OrthoFi slider tool. You will be able to choose your own down payment and monthly payment amounts and invoice due dates. Twenty-four hour access to your online portal allows you to keep track of your scheduled payments and allow you to make payments online, even when we aren’t in the office! At Bates Orthodontics, your treatment fee includes everything associated with the recommended treatment including the first year of retainer check visits. 


Please know that there may be other fees associated with other treatments, such as replacement retainers. 


At Bates Ortho, we accept all insurance policies that include orthodontic coverage. Our office will take care of all the necessary actions needed so that you may utilize your insurance to its full benefit. Please know that changes in your insurance during treatment may affect your overall insurance benefit.